costs too high?

you will save. it's simply a matter of how much. and how soon.

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need a higher income?

you'll have more money in your pocket. why miss out?

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already automated?

you can get even better value from your automation.

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too many apps?

you want to keep it simple. and now you can.

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want more value?

you will reduce your accounting, bookkeeping and compliance costs.

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practical advice?

you want to keep it simple. and you want it to work.

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shape your business your way

The Internet has changed everything. It’s delivered efficiencies and new ways for you to do things.

Have you made some changes and now you're wondering where the savings really are? You know there are better answers if only someone would really listen and learn. 

You want it to work for you. In every corner of your business.

clear thinking

You make decisions every day. ClearThinkn™ with focus will help you make the right choices. Every aspect of your business is impacted and being focussed brings it all together.

Which direction for you?

systems automation

The cloud opens the door for automation and to profitably reduce costs. Selecting the right solutions, at the right time, requires a detailed understanding of the choices. Smart choices are good for business.

What does it mean for you?

simplified compliance

The burden has continued to grow. Income Tax, GST and Health and Safety are just the tip of the iceberg. It demands more and more of your time. There are solutions which will make it easier.

How will it work for you?


beyond right now

Create the future you want. ClearThinkn™ allows you to bring together all the elements necessary for a successful business. You can identify what's important right now and you can prioritise each step to suit your business cycle.

your needs covered

When you need simplicity, any solution will do. As you outgrow your current systems, your experienced team at botbooks™ will help get you where you want to go. No leave absences, no compliance headaches and information at your fingertips.


headache & stress free

You have enough on your plate every day just keeping your customers happy. Larger payroll and employee management becomes a distraction and a growing burden. Award interpretation, time sheets, staff rosters, STP, Payroll Tax - done and dusted.


lean and agile

As you grow, your needs might change. Your responsibilities most certainly do. The last thing you need is to take your eye off the main game - growing your revenue and managing your costs. Do it right - but only when you need.


informed decisions

Accurately recording your revenue and expenses is important. Making that information work for you is another. When you ask "what if?', knowing how it might play out is helpful. 


this goes with that

You know there's an app for everything. CRM, Email, Task Management, Projects, Accounting, Payroll and more. How many is too many? Is it time to review how they work together (or not)?  Keep it simple, but get it right..

ask yourself